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Educational Program - Romania 2008

Romania 2008

|| SUMARY ||
With the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, Romania started a series of political and economic reforms that allowed it to join the European Union on January 1, 2007. That sudden geopolitical, economic and social shift has made it nowadays a mixture of post communist heritage and capitalistic influence, what is an intriguing field of investigation.
The objective of our field trip is an extensive territorial investigation and analysis of the two main cities: Bucharest, the capital and the largest city in Romania, and Constanta, an industrial and touristic node on the coast, in order to propose urban and planning strategies for the country.

Observations and analyses of Bucharest and Constanta. The group of students divided into two parts, have been analyzing and mapping both cities in order to discover and register its spatial conditions, functional solutions and cultural characteristics. The methodology that we will apply will be based on the HyperHabitat research that has been developed by IaaC since several years. The research supports the idea of multiscalarity, which is trying to test if urbanity could be working with the same logics in different scales.  Therefore students have been exploring 4 different scales in four days of the trip, trying to focus every day on different aspects – from big infrastructures to microarchitectures. The outcome of the field trip will be develop further in Barcelona, reaching the global understanding of Romanian reality, aiming to propose series of urban and planning methodologies for the country of Romania.

|| ROUTE ||


GROUP 1 (Bucharest Group)
Advait Potnis, Agata Kycia, Akriti Sood, Alessio Carta, Anastasia Fragkoudi, Andrea Katsavra, Bianny Poueriet, Enrique Mora, Francisca Aroso, Hemant Purohit, Javier Olmeda Raya, Javier Pittaluga, Krzysztof Gornicki, Luis Odiaga, Maria Papaloizou, Michael Piasecki, Nazli Ilgit Yucel, Peerapong Suntinanond, Renu Gupta, Rohan Khurana, Sarkawt Noori, Stefania Sini, Uday Goswami, Vagia Pantou, Vikrant Sharma;

GROUP 2 (Constanta Group)
Alexander Harris, Ben Howard, Dorota Kabala, Eduardo Mayoral, Eugenio Adame, Evangelia Vlachopoulou, Gabriele Pileri, Georgia Voudouri, Georgios Machairas, Higinio Llames, Ifigenia Arvaniti, Ismini Koronidi, Juergen Weiss, Krystian Kwiecinski, Magda Osinska, Maite Bravo, Maria Eftychi, Mariana Paz, Monica Szawiola, Rafael Gutierrez, Ramon Velazquez, Rodrigo Avila, Vasco Portugal, Verena Vogler, Vladimir Samoukovic