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1st IAAC Global Alumni Meet // 22nd & 23rd of June 2015

1st IAAC Global Alumni Meet | A Global Network

Over the last ten years, IAAC has received and been home to over 500 students from more than 60 countries, including China, the UK, the USA, Australia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Peru, Germany, Iran, Thailand, Russia, Turkey, India, Poland, Cyprus, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Colombia, Korea and more, making it an exceptionally international and multicultural place.

IAAC Alumni community is an active and dynamic network of visionary professionals distributed around the world, promoting principles and applications of Advanced Architecture and collaborating with IAAC in multiple academic and international research operations.

This year, to underline the importance and the efforts developed by this community, IAAC is organizing the IAAC Global Alumni Symposium and Exhibition, as well as Alumni Networking & Learning, to be held on the 22nd and 23rd of June 2015, inviting all the Alumni to come and take part, either through a project in the Exhibition, as a keynote speaker, or by physical presence at the event.


1st IAAC Global Alumni Meet | Call for Projects | Call for Keynotes

IAAC presents the 1st IAAC Global Alumni Meet | Call for Projects, aiming to bring together for the first time the Global Network of IAAC Alumni and their world class projects in the fields of research, education and architecture.

30 pioneer projects developed by the IAAC Alumni Global Network will be selected for an Exhibition hosted by IAAC, as well as being featured in the Exhibition Catalogue, given to the alumni present at the Exhibition as a token of gratitude. Projects should represent the efforts of pioneer research in the fields of education and advanced architecture, pushing towards new ideas for the future of architecture, cities and technology.

In parallel to the Exhibition, 3 IAAC Alumni of excellence will be selected, and invited (covering costs of travel and accommodation*) as keynote speakers in the IAAC Alumni Symposium, open to the public of Barcelona, towards the promotion of this Network and its development in the city of Barcelona.

The Symposium will also be streamed live online.

*Should the keynote have developed the projects intended for the Conference with another IAAC Alumni, IAAC will cover the expenses of flights and accommodation for one IAAC Alumni representative.


1st IAAC Global Alumni Meet | Events Calendar

20.06.2015 // SONAR // Barcelona

21.06.2015 // SONAR // Barcelona

22.06.2015 // Symposium & Exhibition // Alumni

23.06.2015 // Networking & Learning // Alumni

24.06.2015 // San Juan // Barcelona

25.06.2015 // Master Graduation & Party // IAAC


Alumni interested should write to alumni@iaac.net to receive the packaged template, rules & requirements for submission.


Robotic Ceramics // Weekend Workshop

Robotic Ceramics

How can advanced manufacturing technologies combine and learn from traditional crafts? This two day intensive workshop will investigate the design and production of Robotic Ceramics: 3D printing with clay.

3D printing has begun to revolutionise industry in all sectors. In this case the ABB robotic arm at the Green Fab Lab will be used to explore how traditional crafts and local materials can influence and inform digital manufacturing processes and give rise to new craft and artisanal techniques using clay.

Participants will be given an introduction and access to the tools and processes necessary to both design and then to 3D print their own ceramics. While the main focus of the workshop will be on 3d printing clay, other use of robot in the production of ceramics will be investigated.


Mentors :

- Sofoklis Giannakopoulos,

Researcher in 3D printing at Iaac

- Alexander Dubor,

Digital and Robotic Fabrication Expert at Iaac

With special guest to be confirmed.


Timing :

This is a 2 day workshop,

Saturday, 28 / 02 / 2015 and Sunday 01 / 03 / 2015

Possibility to sleep in the wonderful bedrooms of the lab.

Hours : from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 18.00hs


Location :

Green Fab Lab | Valldaura Self Sufficient Labs

Ctra. BV-1415 (Horta-Cerdanyola), km 7

08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès

Barcelona, Spain

-> 20min in taxi from Barcelona Center,

-> 45min walking from Valldaura metro station


For more information and to register, click here

Or contact us at info@fablabbcn.org

Fab Lab Barcelona Workshop Program

Fab Lab Barcelona Workshop program for Jan-Feb-Mar 2015

Fab Lab Barcelona is launching the Weekend Workshops series for this winter session: 2-day intensive weekend workshops focused on 3D printing, Robotic Pottery, Fab Textiles, Agro-Technology, Furniture Fabrication, Arduino Basics and much more.


21st & 22nd of February 2015


Read more & Register here


28th of February & 1st of March 2015


Read more & Register here


14th & 15th of March 2015


Read more & Register here


7th of March 2015


Read more & Register here


21st & 22nd of March 2015


Read more & Register here


28th & 29th of March 2015


Read more & Register here


18th & 19th of April 2015


Read more & Register here


For more information, please contact info@fablabbcn.org


IAAC|Fab Lab Barcelona present CALL FOR PROJECTS: BEYOND | the next boundaries of construction

IAAC|Fab Lab Barcelona, in partnership with Beyond Building Barcelona and Fira de Barcelona present:

CALL FOR PROJECTS: BEYOND | the next boundaries of construction.



BEYOND aims to bring together world class projects in the fields of research and education, in a physical and online exhibition that will be hosted within the Beyond Building Barcelona (former Construmat) fair. Beyond Building Barcelona is the largest reunion of the construction sector and associated industries in Spain, Southern Europe, Northern Africa, and Latin America. 

Built projects and prototypes will be selected to be exhibited in the international event BEYOND BUILDING BARCELONA, within the PAVILION OF INNOVATION 2015.

The Innovation Pavilion in BBB 2015, curated by IAAC|Fab Lab Barcelona, will present new ideas and construction paradigms emerging from international high level research and pilot projects of excellence that form the basis of future buildings and cities.

BEYOND becomes the tool to identify the innovative projects of excellence developed within institutes, academies and other research centers, and constructing the bridge connecting these innovations with the industry and businesses

For more information on the CALL FOR PROJECT, click here.



The Call for Projects SELECTION COMMITTEE will select a total of 15 projects, that will be invited to take part in the Pavilion of Innovation 2015 as part of the Beyond Building Barcelona international exhibition taking place from 19th to the 23rd of May, 2015.

For more information on the RULES of BEYOND, please click here.




To Register, click here.

IAAC part of pioneering new research network: InnoChain

IAAC is part of the European consortium InnoChain, a consortium of six premier research institutions and 14 leading industry partners to create an interdisciplinary network of 15 PhD positions on innovative building design practice under the Horizon 2020 programme.

Six European research institutions and 14 leading practices from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the UK join forces in a new research network examining how advanced digital design tools can positively challenge future building culture, enabling more sustainable, better informed and materially smarter design solutions.

The pioneering network, “Building Innovation in the Extended Digital Chain” (InnoChain), has recently received a EUR 4 million grant from the EU’s Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions programme under Horizon 2020 and will include 15 new doctoral projects within the fields of architecture and engineering.

The doctoral researchers will be enrolled at the partner research institutions and InnoChain’s 14 industry partners will offer hands-on experience, exposing them to the applied reality of situated research and development across the digital chain.

Project Lead Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen, Professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, states:

“The purpose of the project is to expand, synthesise and consolidate knowledge into computation-informed building design practice across academia and practice. InnoChain has a strong inter-sector focus and connects emerging and established research environments in academia and professional practice from architecture, engineering, design software development and fabrication.”

The network will investigate the extended digital chain as a fertile opportunity for design innovation. It will develop new interdisciplinary design methods that integrate advanced simulation and material fabrication. Employing a practice-based industry-focused method, the network asks how new bespoke design tools can be created to enable advanced simulation of structure, material and process and how they can lead to the creation of smarter material and design solutions.


15 new PhD Positions

The network creates a structured training programme focused on individual research projects, supervised by experienced researchers and enriched through an inter-sector secondment programme with industry partners. The consortium includes a programme of joint research events, including workshop-seminars, colloquia, a summer school and research courses.


Read more about PhD themes and vacancies here.

Positions will be advertised on the InnoChain website: innochain.net



Competition brief

Today, disciplines as programming and electronics become highly transversal, blurring old boundaries and merging different fields of knowledge. Fashion has been already highly affected by this radical change. Therefore, clothes, shoes and other accessories can now incorporate elements of hardware and software, generating a peculiar mix between fashion and computation that is incredibly fertile and inspiring. Data becomes Beauty, Interaction becomes Emotion. As a result, a new esthetic is emerging. Reshape focuses on the definition of this language, proposing a new challenge to makers and designers: RESHAPE15 | wearable technology competition.

Proposals can focus on the possibilities of wearable technology without any design limitation.

Once again Reshape leaves to designers freedom and responsibility of their own choices. Participants are required to submit a project that will focus on the mission of Reshape, merging ideas with fabrication processes and market viabilities. The distributed network of fabrication of Reshape includes Fab Labs and Makerspace, all equipped with digital fabrication machines such laser cutters, 3d printers, milling machines and robotic arms. Entries are required to rely on those machines as main tools for the fabrication process. Assembly method and production costs will also be considered in the evaluation process.


Organizer and Partners

RESHAPE15 | wearable technology competition is organized by Noumena in partnership with IaaC, Fab Lab Barcelona and Make in Italy foundation and sponsored by Aspiin and Camera di Commercio Frosinone.

The competition includes several media partners such as Rhinoceros3d, Archello, Cityvision, 3ddreaming, Deleyva, Stampa3d Forum, Wasp, The Walkman magazine and Volumes.


Jury / Evaluation criteria

A panel of experts from the fields of fashion design, digital fabrication and computation, will select the three winning proposals. RESHAPE is very pleased to introduce the international jury of the competition:








All projects will be evaluated on a scale from 1 to 10 according to the following categories:



Will be given significant attention to those projects which reconsider wearables in an inventive and experimental way, re-evaluating interconnections between users, digital fabrication, environment and data.



The design approach must present a clear fabrication strategy, relying design solutions on digital fabrication tools available in a Fab Lab or Makerspace, as Reshape aims to merge both designing and making.



It is vital to consider economically feasible design and fabrication solutions, giving a reasonable estimation for the overall design proposal and its market ability.



The registration fee for each submission is 50,00 € and is necessary for receiving the entry identification code.

The total prize is 2700 € and it will be distributed as follows:

• 1st prize 1500 €*

• 2nd prize 700 €*

• 3rd prize 500 €*

All winners will be included in the online platform of RESHAPE. In the website there will be a direct link to each project with information of each designer. Winners selected by the jury will be invited to take part in specific workshops in several Fab Labs connected to the competition. All the proposals will be presented in different exhibitions around the world. Reshape offers as well a unique e-commerce service. For the projects inserted in this platform, follow¬ing conditions will be respected: for each product sold, royalties of 80% of income of sale will be recognized to designers and makers..



15th of January - 31st May 2015_ Online registration and submission.

15th of January – 30th April 2015_ Questions and answers online at www.youreshape.com

31st of May 2015_ submissions deadline 23:59 (UTC/GMT +1 hour)

1st of June - 30th June 2015_ Evaluation of projects

6th of July 2015_ Announcement of prizes

To be scheduled_ Award ceremony and final exhibition (*)

*the exact date and place will be published online.


For more info visit www.youreshape.com or write to competition@youreshape.com



IAAC has once again had the honour of being invited to participate in the Llum BCN Urban Light Festival in Barcelona.

Join us in the Patio and participate in our interactive light installation Pluje de Llum!

Where: carrrer de Santa Llúcia, 1

When: 6th, 7th and 8th of February


PLUJA DE LLUM // Luminescent Rain

The intimacy of the existing courtyard, located at Carrer de Santa Llúcia, 1, its distinctive elements, among which the lovers palm tree and fountain, as well as the well-known tale of the Saint Eulalia, together fed the concept of Pluja de Llum.

The concept of the installation follows a mixture of the elements of the tale of Santa Eulalia, in particular her tears, transforming these into a conceptual rain. A luminescent rain, a rain of light, emanating from one of the protagonists of the courtyard, the palm tree.

When entering the courtyard, the visitor is not fully made aware of the scenography that the courtyard beholds. The internal patio area is seamed off, leaving the visitor to meander through the porch of the courtyard, and being able to perceive, through a series of small holes in the sealing of the interior patio, or snapshots, what is in fact happening: the luminescent rain falling from the central palm.

The visitor is then called upon reach up to the superior level of the patio, through a sound interaction system, finally opening them to the infinite rain of the courtyard. The visitors look down upon the luminescent rain, into an apparently infinite well - reminiscing the existing fountain -, the courtyard itself, transformed through the implementation of a reflective surface - water flooding the ground floor of the patio - making the patio finally seem never ending through the infinite reflection, as the rain of light itself.

Hence Pluja de Llum - or luminescent rain - proposes itself as the dialogue between the intimacy of the existing courtyard, as the tears of a young girl, and the proposed infinity that emerges, reflecting the perseverance of the tale of Santa Eulalia, and finally the festivities invoked by the BCN Llum festival.


This project has been developed in collaboration with:

Out Of Format 


And with the sponsorship of:




ACTAR-D POP UP BOOK STORE & DISCOUNTS - Architecture, Art & Design

Thursday 19th of February 2015 - 21.00 @IAAC Main Hall

After next Thursday's Winter Lecture with Alfredo Brillembourg, ACTAR-D representatives will be setting up a Pop-up bookshop in the main hall of IAAC, offering Students, Faculty and Architects a 10% Discounts on Architecture, Art and Design books.

IAAC @ Torrre Baró

IAAC is presenting a project for the competition Torrebaró Self Sufficient District today at 13.00.

This is a project that the City Council of Barcelona has commissioned to the 5 Barcelona based schools of architecture -EALS, ESARQ, ETSAB, ETSAV, IAAC - in a competition format in order to select the best project of a self sufficient building, to be built in Torrebaró next October 2015.

Javier Peña, Rodrigo Rubio and Silvia Brandi together with the MAA02 students, since October 2014, have been developing the IAAC proposal.

Join us at the Biblioteca del Nord, c/ Vallcivera 3bis in Torrebaró to see all the presentations!

11.00 / 11.30 ESARQ

11.30 / 12.00 EALS

12.00 / 12.30 ETSAB - UPC

12.30 / 13.00 ETSAV - UPC

13.00 / 13.30 IAAC

At 17.00 the jury will announce the results of the competition.

IAAC Winter Lecture Series 2015 // Full Program


Friday 23rd of January 2015

Jelle Feringa

EZCT Architecture & Design research


Tuesday 27th of January 2015 - 13.00-14.30

Dave Pigram

supermanoeuvre, Sydney [UTS]


Tuesday 3rd of February 2015

José Luis de Vicente

Journalist, digital culture, arts & technology


Thursday 12th of February 2015

Andrew Watts

Newtecnic, façade system design


Thursday 19th of February 2015

Alfredo Brillembourg

Uban-Think Tank & ETH-Zurich


Thursday 26th of February 2015

Alberto Diaspro

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, advanced materials


Tuesday 3rd of March 2015

Rodolphe el-Khoury

Dean, University of Miami


IAAC Lecture Series is FREE and OPEN to the Public

Lectures are held @ IAAC Auditorium 

19.30 – 21.00 

(unless otherwise indicated)


For more information, contact: info@iaac.net