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IAAC Event's

Fab X-Mas @ IAAC | Fab Lab Bcn

Join us at IaaC | Fab Lab Barcelona for the Fab Xmas Party, fabricate your Christmas presents at the Fab Lab!

Date: 18th December

Time: 18.00 - 22.00

Open to the public

We'll have fabrication, DJs music, live visuals, fantastic people, and tons of ideas and projects to learn and share. You can bring your drawings from home, or you can come and find inspiration here to fabricate your Christmas presents.

We'll also have a Xmas Market, where you can buy local fabricated presents for an honest price. 



*Allows you to book a 30 minute slot for one of the machines available at Fab Lab to fabricate your designs. Buy your ticket here and send the files previously to pro@fablabbcn.org.

More info here.

LOCAL // IAAC Alumni - Mexico

LOCAL is an event organized by IAAC Alumni in México [Alejandra Díaz de León and Pavel Aguilar Urquidez] in collaboration with the University of Sinaloa "LOCAL: diseño paramétrico y fabricación digital en el contexto local" introduces the new ideas, processes and tools for architectural design and construction to the design community of the University of Sinaloa and puts emphasis on how this can be potentially applied to the improvement of our local environments.

During 5 days, the studens and proffessors of the Unviersity will be learning about these ideas in the workshop "LOCAL: solar morphogenesis" (rhino/grasshopper/digital fabrication) as well as through a serie of video-conferences of international speakers Tomás Diez, Petr Novikov, Benom Juárez and Edouard Cabay. They will also have access to a laser cutter, a 3D printer a 3D scanner in the Space for Experimental Fabrication run by Gizmo, Trotec and Rhino Lab, and finally they can participate in the construction of the Cardboard Solar Pavillion, designed and fabricated with the same tools and ideas in collaboration with local partner Evo Design Lab.

LOCAL is the first of many following events of its kind in the city of Culiacán and intends to start a movement to embrace parametric design and digital fabrication as a way of innovation in the local context.

Smart Citizen Barcelona Relaunching

IAAC|Fab Lab Barcelona is pleased to announce the Smart Citizen Open Thursdays cycle.

The cycle will start next Thursday, November 13th, marking the beginning of a series of regular meetings of the SmartCitizen community.

These meetings will take place at Hangar and will be open for both users and the general audience interested in the SmartCitizen movement. 

Open Thursdays will offer workshops and lectures on the different technologies, sensors and software used, as well as discussion forums, working groups and troubleshooting.

Where: at Hangar, c/Emilia Coranty 16, 08018 Barcelona, Spain.

When: every thursday from 19.00 hours.

In this first opening session, the Project's Founders will present the Smart Citizen project, as well as explaining the hardware and technology used for the project's development.

Join us!

IAAC Fall Lecture Series 2014

IAAC is proud to announce the Fall Lecture Series 2014:

4th November 2014


11th November 2014

Yael Reisner Studio + madmdesign

18th November 2014

Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering

19th November 2014 // 12.00-14.00

Kengo Kuma and Associates

25th November 2014

Ali Basbous + Luis fraguada

1st December 2014

Critic, Curator, Educator, Lecturer and Writer

IAAC Lecture series is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Lectures are held at the IAAC Auditorium from 19.30 - 21.00 (unless otherwise indicated)



Organised by IAAC Alumni from NOUMENA & FLONE, in collaboration with IAAC | Green fab Lab and Fab Lab Frosinone.

DATA MATTER is the first part of a research program focused on the environmental recovery of the land of Valle del Sacco and it’s contaminated soil.

DATA MATTER proposes a theoretical and experimental framework to develop an unmanned air vehicle system for the analysis of environmental conditions.

Learn to built and use drones to collect aerial NDVI pictures; translate those images into DATA using grasshopper3d; generate a resourceful and open map of the contaminated area of Valle del Sacco in Italy.


For more information visit: www.noumenaarch.com

For Subscriptions, click here.


Beijing Design Week 2014 // IAAC BB MAKE official presentation

IAAC BB MAKE installation Official Presentation

@ Beijing Design Week 2014

Wednesday the 1st of October

at 3.00pm

in the Watertank Building

79 Tank, 751 D·PARK , No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing


BB Make is a participative Collaborative Structure, based on Open Design, enhancing local materials with Advanced Technologies and Digital Fabrication.

Come and participate!


IAAC & BSSA are pleased to announce the Opening Ceremony of the





The Ceremony will take place on the 9th of October 2014, at the BSSA Auditorium in Mumbai.

Special guests will include:

Xavier Trias, Mayor of Barcelona

Antoni Vives, Vice-Mayor of Barcelona

Sitaram Kunte, Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai

Ashish Kumar, Indian Administrative Services, principal secretary to Chief Minister of Maharashtra

Areti Markopoulou, IAAC Academic Director

Silvia Brandi, IAAC Academic Coordinator

Amrish Patel, Chancellor SVKM NMIMS University

Rajan Saxena, Vice Chancellor SVKM NMIMS University

Madhav Welling, Pro Vice Chancellor SVKM NMIMS University

Trilochan Chhaya, BSSA Dean


For more information on the Master program, or on the Opening Ceremony, plaese contact us at:



Joint Master Program organized by IAAC & BSSA

With the support of: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Optima + // International workshop and competition

Optima +

Think, analyze, design, optimize, compete and fabricate

International workshop and competition, September 2014


Phase one: Cairo 01 – 05 September 2014

Phase two : Barcelona 27 – 31 October 2014


NOUMENA & ALGORITM in partnership with IAAC , Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, organize an international competitive workshop that will take place in both Cairo- Egypt and Barcelona – Spain where you’ll explore innovative design and fabrication strategies (Advanced Architecture, Parametric Design, NURBS Modeling , Optimization, and Fabrication).


THE COMPETITION will run between the workshop participants. it is divided into 2 main phases.

Travelling to Cairo

Phase 1: starts the 1st of September in Cairo (think, design, compete, and prototype)

- participants will get lectures and tutorial on parametric design, modeling

- participants will be divided into groups and start an internal competition.

- each group will propose their optimized parametric pavilions fabricated in small scale

- a selected jury will choose the best two pavilions as primary winners

Travelling to Barcelona

Phase 2: starts the 14th of September in Barcelona (Adv. optimize, finalize, fabricate, and win)

- all participants will get advanced lectures and tutorial on algorithms and optimizations

- participants will get experiences on big scale fabrication

- the 2 pavilions will be fabricated in big scale by all participants

- final Jury will choose only one pavilion to win the competition.


LIMITED SEATS (only 25 SEATS). every participant must submit his CV, portfolio, and statement of interest to the organizers by email: register@ealgoritm.com and info@noumenaarch.com. In case of acceptance we will contact the participant to continue registration.

Submission deadline is 15/8/2014. Participants’ selections : 18/8/2014

Workshop and competition fees : 600 Euro



Duration: The workshop, in total, will run for 80 hours / 10 days excluding breaks. 5 days at Algoritm in Cairo and 5 days at NOUMENA in Barcelona. It will be divided to two main phases include three topics, parametric design , optimization, fabrication.

(From 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM)

The competition will run parallel with the workshop


day_01 – Introduction to NURBS modeling with Rhino 3d

- Group divisions and projects’ assignments

day_02 – parametric modeling tutorials with grasshopper 3d

– lecture on algorithms and design inspirations

– groups will work on the project

day_03 – more on grasshopper 3d modeling

_ parametric design thinking and algorithmic architecture

– introduction on fabrications

– Competitions work in progress


- Introduction on optimization with grasshopper (Galapagos and goat plugin)

- preparing projects to fabrication


_ finalize projects and group presentations

_ primary jury will choose 2 projects as primary winners


PHASE 2 SCHEDULE @ Barcelona IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya)

day_06 – introduction to 2nd competition phase

– lectures and tutorials on Envelope pattern optimizations

for lighting and environmental aspects

– lectures and tutorial on algorithms and optimizations

day_07 – preparing to fabrication

_ big scale fabrication methods and techniques (tutorial and lecture)

_ participants will get experiences on big scale fabrications

day_08 – Digital fabrication.

- Preparing particles fabricated parts, members and joints for physical models.

Day_09 – Finalizing fabrication.

- finalizing groups’ Models and final presentation

- adding final features to the physical models

Day_10 – Discussion, final Jury, and Conclusion, and presenting competition winners


Art Project Presentation at Tsepelovo

Main Square of Tsepelovo (Greece)

Thursday, July 31 and Friday, August 1 2014, 9 pm.


On Thursday, July 31 and Friday, August 1 2014, EASTN presents installations, video projections and music performances in the space around the main square of Tsepelovo.  This event is part of the Workshop organized at the Station of the Athens School of Fine Arts by Ionian University with support from the Athens School of Fine Arts.

The workshop explores the theme of Tangibility through works that combine traditional art practices, cultural artefacts and customs with new technologies and educational activities.  Its participants are members of the EASTN project from France, the UK, Spain and Greece, and primary as well as secondary school teachers from Greece.  The magnificent landscape of the Zagoria region as well as historically significant cultural monuments in the region, inspired the participants of the workshop to engage with the environment and with local traditions, and to integrate photos, videos, audio recordings as well as collected objects and elements of traditional customs and practices in their work.  During the first week, the teachers organized a 5-day seminar with children of the village, showing use of digital technologies as a means for creatively exploring the surroundings of the village.

We wish to express our thanks and gratitude to the Chancellor of the Athens School of Fine Arts, Professor Georgios Harvalias, the Mayor of Zagori Mr. Gavriil Ppaanastasiou, the Vice-Mayor of Zagori Mr. Ilias Raptis, the President of Tsepelovo Community Mr. Thomas Kittas, the President of the Culture Association of Zagori Mr. Takis Papigkiotis, the children of Tsepelovo and their parents and all others who assisted and took part in this initiative.

Global Summer School 2014 // Final Presentations // Barcelona

Global Summer school 2014 // The Next City



Tuesday, 22nd of July 2014 // 16h00 – 18h00, IaaC Auditorium


Global Summer School Director:

Luis E. Fraguada



Spyros Stravodavdis

Guillem Camprodon

Luis E. Fraguada

Ignacio de Juan Creix

Carlo Santi


International Jury:

Manuel Gausa

Areti Markopoulou 

Mosè Ricci 

Maurizio Carta 

Marc Viader

Ali Basbous

Silvia Brandi

Mathilde Marengo

Jonathan Minchin



Luciana Asinari

Mathilde Marengo

Ana Marti Serichol

Jorge Ramirez


Technical Support:

Alexandre Dubor

Anna Popova

Rodrigo Aguirre



Giombambattista Areddia

Ziwar Al Nouri

Sinem Samanci

Natalie Alima

Hristo Kovachev

Rodion Eremeev

Rasha Sukkarieh

Robert McKaye

Ece Tankal

Irina Shaklova


Special Thanks:

Vicente Guallart - Chief Architect of the City of Barcelona

Jaume Barnada - Deputy Chief Architect of the City of Barcelona

Andrés de Mesa Gisbert -. Sagrada Familia

Jeronimo Buxareu - Sagrada Familia

Lina Monaco



Anna Abduraimova

Dana AlRajeh

Rawan Alsaffar

Karine Battu

Cecilia Bertozzi

Clara Campo Cid

Josiane Crampe

Dhaval Darjee

Karin Hedlund

Emmanuelle Lamarre Dorais

Bo Liu

Vjeran Lokošek

Borislava Lyubenova

Aigerim Mangibayeva

Vivek Muralidhar

Irene Rueda

Danilo Spiga

Emiliano Tavieres Mecoli

Hayden White