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IAAC work in progress occupies the majority of its big industrial building facilities.

The two big projects currenltly running at IAAC are the Fab House 01 to be presented in Solar Decathlon in Madrid (June 18th) and the Production of the Laboratory of Fabrication exhibition to be inaugurated at the Design Museum of Barcelona,DHUB (June 15th)

IaaC Lecture Series_May 28 < Miguel Rodríguez Casellas

Miguel Rodríguez Casellas holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Princeton University and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design form the University of Puerto Rico. His master’s thesis in 1991 already showed a concern for large-scale projects next to other interests in art criticism and cultural theory.
In the early nineties, Rodríguez Casellas worked at Rem Koolhaas’ Office for Metropolitan Architecture in Rotterdam, where he cultivated a taste for large-scale urban projects. 

In recent years, Miguel partnered with architect Miguel Szendrey Ramos in a firm they named Ordinal, a multidisciplinary platform that seeks to radicalize professional practice from a fresh, rather playful perspective, looking for the vindication of a generation of architects that, according to them, lack a coherent cultural project. The name Ordinal plays with the etymology of a word that simultaneously produced the terms “order” and “ordinary,” as it is the search for hidden organizing patterns within the banal and ordinary what constitutes the methodological premise of the firm.
Since 1996, Rodríguez Casellas has been a professor of Theory, History and Design at ARQPOLI, the School of Architecture at Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, and succeeded Jorge Rigau as dean in 2006.

IAAC Lecture Series_June 4th < Toni Kotnik

IAAC is pleased to invite you its Open Lecture

"Structure as Diagram: From Typology to Topology in Structural Design". By Toni Kotnik on Friday June 4th, 19.30



Toni Kotnik

Principal of Kotnik.architects


Toni Kotnik studied architecture and mathematics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, the University of Tübingen, and the University of Utah and received his doctoral degree from the University of Zurich. He was research fellow at Center for the Representation of Multi-Dimensional Information (CROMDI), principal researcher at OCEAN design research network, postdoctoral researcher at the ETH Zurich and assistant professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Lucerne. Currently, he is studio master at the Emergent Technology and Design program at the Architectural Association in London, senior researcher at the chair of structural design at the ETH Zurich and principal of Kotnik.architects, a Zurich-based architectural office. His practice and research work has been published internationally and is focused on the interplay of digital architectural design, mathematics, and structural force flow.

IAAC Final Reviews_May 12th-14th

IAAC is pleased to invite you to its Open Final Reviews of MAA 2009-10 Phase 3 Research Studios Projects.

May 12th,10.00: Digital Tectonics
May 13th,10.00: Emergent Territories
May 14th,10.00: Self Sufficient Buildings

Guest Jury:
Mara Balestrini, Josep Bohigas, Trilochan Chayya, Adrian Constatnt,Jose Luis Echeverria,Marc Garcia, Olaf Gipser,Carlos Ipser, Borja Martinez, Jorge Perea, Ignasi Perez Arnal, Carme Romero, Jorge Velazquez


Geologics Exhibition by Vicente Guallart in Washington!

Geologics Exhibition by Vicente Guallart in Washington

May 11 -  June 30, 2010
AIA National Headquarters
Washington, DC

present the exhibition GEOLOGICS by Vicente Guallart. On Tuesday, May 11th, Mr. Guallart will make a presentation and it will be followed by an open-panel discussion with other significant figures about urban planning and architecture.
GEOLOGICS is an exhibit that shows how Vicente Guallart and is exploring the future of architecture. His goal is to create an architecture that beautifies and functions together with the geographical environment in which he is building. In other words, he creates an architecture that maintains the natural order of the Earth.
The exhibition will have a special focus on SOCIOPOLS, a project of Vicente and his international team of architects. SOCIOPOLIS is a residential urban planning project with the goal of constructing a new model neighbourhood of accessible housing; in line with the modern tradition of investigating and proposing new habitable environments that reflect the social reality of the time. The project strives to build a neighbourhood with adequate housing for the modern family while at the same time protecting the historical and environmental importance of the neighbourhood.

IAAC@Cyprus _Jury at International Parametric Urbanism Workshop Competition

IAAC Academic Coordinator Areti Markopoulou traveled to Nicosia to participate in the Rebuilding no Man´s land,Famagusta workshop as an invited critic.

The workshop (organised by Pavlos Ferreos,Alkis Dikaios and Kostas Grigoriadis)was based on the hypothetical event on the return of the abandonded and fenced for 35 years city of Famagusta to its former inhabitants.

Innovative ways of redesigning cities and rehabilitation planning based on parametric tools was presented by students from international schools including AA Design Research Lab with Theodore Spyropoulos,DIA/ Bauhaus with Christos Passas, NTUA with Dimitris Papalexopoulos and Why Factory/Delft with Tihamer Hazarja Salij.

Issues such as practice parametrics when no parameters are to be found, when no variables can be set, dealing with memories, absence and predict the upcoming presence was some of the issues the projects tried to respond to.

Invited jury panel also included  Winy Maas,Director MVRDV, Christos Passas,Associate Director Zaha Hadid Arch,Socratis Stratis,University of Cyprus and Lora Nicolaou,Head of Research,URI,Universityof Greenwich.

The workshop will be followed by an exhibition of the work at the Metropolitan Works Gallery in London that will be part of the London Festival of Architecture 2010.



IaaC Alumni are Organizing a Digital Fabrication and Parametric Design Workshp in Lima-Perú

IaaC alumni, Krystian Kwiecinski and Luis F. Odiaga are organizing a Digital Fabrication and Parametric Design Workshp in Lima-Perú. It will be a one week workshop where the latin-american students will be introduced to the use of CNC machines and Digital Fabrication techniques. It will run from the 19 till the 24 of April.

Fab Lab House in La Vanguardia Magazine

As the Fab Lab House is in plenum momentum everyone can´t stop talking about it!

Live Green- Buildings that Save article in La Vanguardia Magazine. Click on the PDF link for an exerpt about the Fab Lab House!

IAAC India Research Trip EXPO< MY INDIA AT Corretger 5

¨My India¨ IAAC Research Trip EXPO
Photographs + Short Movies
work by the masters class in advanced architecture 2009-10

Photography Exhibition at Corretger 5
Carrer del Corretger 5

IaaCs work in Mumbai explored current conditions and dynamics of the territory. Changing coastal conditions, learning from slums as the largest housing type, critiquing the unjustified escalation of land value and the various actors that work within this mechanism were part of the study. Rapid growth in the population of cities and hurried development in second tier and third tier cities of India which ape their metropolitan contemporaries, were also part of the exploration.

¨My India¨ Exhibition presented by the IAAC MAA is merely a glimpse and gives it´s audience a bigger opportunity to witness the state of transition and complexity of urbanization . It has been crucial to understand the idea of self-sufficiency in the context of urban growth with poverty and congestion and rural potential. The application of new technology with indigenous/local techniques and materiality would be an opportunity to invent new planning strategies and programs.