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IaaC Lecture Series_Feb 24 < Michael Jakob

IaaC lecture Series Feb 24, 19:30h

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Pujades 102 baixos, Poble Nou, 08005 Barcelona
tel. (+34) 93 320 95 20

Michael Jakob

Michael Jakob is Professor in Landscape & Art at hepia (Geneva) and Lecturer in Theory and History of Landscape at EPFL and at ISE (Geneva University). He studied at the universities of Tübingen (Germany), Paris, Stanford and Geneva. He has been a guest professor at the Universities of Neuchâtel (Switzerland), St. Gallen (Switzerland), Turin (Italy), Rome (Italy), Grenoble (France), Urbino (Italy), Stanford (USA), Princeton (USA). He has worked with the Centre d’Art Contemporain (Geneva), the Magasin, Centre d’Art Contemporain (Grenoble), the Museum of Grenoble, and the Fotomuseum Winterthur (as the curator of the photographic art show ‘Girola’). He is founder and head of COMPAR(A)ISON, an International Journal of Comparative Literature, and the chief editor of «di monte in monte», a series of books on mountain culture (Edizioni Tarara’, Verbania). He produced several documentary films for TV and has a longstanding experience as a radio journalist. Among his recent publications: Letteratura e paesaggio, Olschki, Firenze 2006 ; Paysage et temps, Infolio, Gollion 2007 ; Le Paysage, Infolio, Gollion 2008 ; Il giardino allo specchio. Percorsi tra pittura, cinema e fotografia, Bollati Boringhieri, Torino 2009 ; Il paesaggio, Il Mulino, Bologna 2009 ; Paesaggio e tempo,  Meltemi, Roma 2009 ; Le jardin et les arts, Infolio, Gollion 2009. 

 Lecture: ¨Faux Mountains and the essence of the symbol¨

IaaC Lecture Series_Feb 19 < Bostjan Vuga

IaaC lecture Series Feb 19, 20:00h

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Pujades 102 baixos, Poble Nou, 08005 Barcelona
tel. (+34) 93 320 95 20

Bostjan Vuga

Bostjan Vuga graduated at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana (1992) and continued post graduate studies at the AA School of Architecture in London (1993-1995).

Since 1998 he lectures at architectural schools, conferences and symposiums in Slovenia and abroad. In 2003 he was a studio tutor at Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. He was a visiting critic at AA School of Architecture, at Bauhaus Kolleg in Dessau, at the IAAC in Barcelona, at the ETH in Zuerich, at the Universitaet fuer Angewandte Kunst Wien and Academy of Visual Arts Vienna. As a visiting editor he took part in two issues of AB architectural bulletin.

He had published numeurous articles on current occurance in architecture and urban planning, presented in national and international professional and broad interested publications.

Lecture: ¨One Project, Three Designs¨

IaaC Lecture Series_Jan 29 < Carlos Leite

IaaC lecture Series Jan 29, 19:30h

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Pujades 102 baixos, Poble Nou, 08005 Barcelona
tel. (+34) 93 320 95 20

Carlos Leite
Principal of Stuchi + Leite Projetos
Founder of CIC SP: City Information Center, Sao Paulo [NGO]
Leite is an Architect and Urbanist with a Master and PhD in Urban Design from the University of Sao Paulo and a Posdoc from California Polytechnic State University where he was a Visiting Professor. He is a principal at Stuchi & Leite Projetos in Sao Paulo. He also works as a Sustainable Development and Design consultant. He is Professor at the School of Architecture and Planning, Mackenzie Presbyterian University, Sao Paulo and has been a visiting professor and lecturer at different schools in California, Canada, Barcelona and the Netherlands, as well as at MBA Curses in Environmental Mangement at FIA (FEA USP), Fundação Dom Cabral and IED.
His professional focus is to face new challenges abroad through academia and consultancy - from his broad and multidisciplinary achieved knowledge  in Brazil and abroad in the last 15 years (more than 40 cities visited). For more information see his site: www.stuchileite.com.

Lecture: Approaching Architectures in Sao Paulo • Choosing a Sustainable City Redevelopment Model

IaaC Lecture Series_Jan 22 < Patrick Blanc

IaaC lecture Series Jan 22, 19:30h

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Pujades 102 baixos, Poble Nou, 08005 Barcelona
tel. (+34) 93 320 95 20

Metro Bogatell

Patrick Blanc

Patrick Blanc is a botanist, working at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, where he specializes in plants from subtropical forests. since 1982, has studied the many ways plants adapt to extreme situations at the CNRS. He invented the concept of the Vertical Garden, also known as the Living Wall.

The Vertical Garden or le mur vegetal, is an ecological art form which has globally reinvented urban landscapes into fascinating displays of vegetation. Using a system that allows plants to grow without any soil, The Vertical Garden allows for natural living beauty in the otherwise most uninhabitable of places such as the walls of buildings both indoors or out.

He has worked with Jean Nouvel, Andrée Putman, Francis Soler, Edouard François, Jacqueline et Henri Boiffils, Herzog et de Meuron, Marc Newson, Saguez et Partners, and many others. He is the French 1993 Science Society, Botany,  1999 Innovation Contest, Ministère de la Recherche, and Talent d’or 2002 du Sommet du Luxe et de la Création award winner and has recieved numerous of other awards.

Lecture: The Vertical Garden, from Nature to the City 

IaaC Lecture Series_Jan 14 < Prof. Xavier De Kestelier

IaaC lecture Series Jan 14, 19:30h

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Pujades 102 baixos, Poble Nou, 08005 Barcelona
tel. (+34) 93 320 95 20

Metro Bogatell

Prof. Xavier De Kestelier
Associate Partner at Foster+Partners

Xavier De Kestelier was educated in Belgium and the United Kingdom and holds an MSc in Urban Design from The Bartlett School of Architecture. Since 2002, he has been part of the Specialist Modelling Group at Foster+Partners. In this position he has worked on a broad range of projects such as Beijing Airport, Yacht Plus BoatFleet, MASDAR and Spaceport. Besides this he is also responsible for new rapid prototyping and manufacturing developments at Foster+Partners. In 2008 he became Associate Partner at Foster+Partners

His area of research is the application of parametric software to solve complex geometry, the redefinition of the role of architects as a designer within the digital environment, and the application of digital fabrication and rapid manufacturing techniques in architecture. He has been a critic and lecturer at a wide range of universities and conferences:  Smartgeometry, Berlage, Architectural Association, MIT, The Royal Institution, ACADIA, Bridges, .. . Since 2006, he has been a professor at the University of Gent, where he heads the education and research in digital design in architecture. He is also Adjunct Professor and studio master at the Syracuse University in London.

Lecture: The Specialist Modelling Group at Foster+Partners : A case study 

IaaC lecture Series_Dec 18 < Mark West

IaaC lecture Series Dec 18, 19:30h

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Pujades 102 baixos, Poble Nou, 08005 Barcelona
tel. (+34) 93 320 95 20

Metro Bogatell

Mark West
Founding Director of C.A.S.T.

Mark West is the Founding Director of the Centre for Architectural Structures and Technology (C.A.S.T.) at the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Architecture  in Winnipeg Manitoba. C.A.S.T. is as a unique laboratory/studio/atelier, focused on the invention of new construction methods and new architectural forms by combining the disciplines of architecture, engineering, sculpture, and drawing. He is an Associate Professor in the University of Manitoba’s Faculty  of Architecture as well as the Faculty of Engineering, and the inventor of numerous fabric-formed concrete techniques for architectural, sculptural, and structural applications. He has worked as an architectural educator for nearly thirty years in Canada and the U.S. His first education was as a builder, followed by a B.Arch. from the Cooper Union in New York, NY, and a post-professional M.Arch. from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. His work has received wide recognition through publications, awards, lectures and exhibitions in The Americas, Asia, and Europe.

Title: Heavy Light - fabric formed concrete architecture.

IaaC lecture Series_Dec 04 < Hanif Kara

IaaC lecture Series Dec 04, 19:30h

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Pujades 102 baixos, Poble Nou, 08005 Barcelona
tel. (+34) 93 320 95 20

Metro Bogatell


Co-Founder and Director of Adams Kara taylor


BSc (Hons), CEng FIStructE, Hon FRIBA

Hanif Kara (http://www.akt-uk.com) is a structural engineer and co-founder of Adams Kara Taylor, the design-led structural and civil engineering consultancy based in London. As design director, he has worked on award-winning projects throughout Europe. His projects have included Peckham Library (UK), the National Trust Headquarters in Swindon (UK) and the Phaeno Science Centre in Wolfsburg (Germany).
Hanif is a long-standing visiting lecturer at a number of design schools. He is currently appointed as a visiting Professor of Architectural Technology at (KTH), Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan Stockholm, and is the Pierce Anderson visiting critic for Creative Engineering at GSD Harvard. He was selected for the Master Jury for the 2004 cycle of the Aga Khan Awards for Architecture. Professor Kara is the first structural engineer to
be appointed a Commissioner at CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) where he co-chairs the design review panel and chairs the Inclusive Design Group. He is a fellow of the Institution of Structural Engineers, an honorary fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.He has interests in connecting education, design and construction through advanced
tools and methods, and recently edited “Design Engineering”, a book that positions the work of structural engineers into a contemporary paradigm.

Lecture: Interdisciplinary Curiosity

IaaC lecture Series_Dec 02 < Philip D. Allsopp

IaaC lecture Series Dec 02, 19:30h

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Pujades 102 baixos, Poble Nou, 08005 Barcelona
tel. (+34) 93 320 95 20

Metro Bogatell

Philip D. Allsopp

Founder / Principal, Transpolis Global LLC




Philip D. Allsopp served as President and CEO of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, headquartered at Taliesin West, Arizona from 2006 through June of 2009.  He was responsible for restructuring the Foundation from governance (new bylaws and articles of incorporation) through operations and the development of new relationships with academia, arts and culture organizations, government and business.  One of several collaborations Phil developed during his tenure was with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation.  The jointly curated, produced and designed exhibition entitled “Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward”, broke all of the Guggenheim’s previous attendance records during exhibition’s three-month run at the Guggenheim in New York.  The Exhibition travelled to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao in October where it will be running through February 14th, 2010.

He is co-founder of Transpolis Global, LLC, a hybrid management and design consulting firm devoted to improving urban and rural policy and the habitats under which communities, cultures, commerce, the arts and sciences are able to thrive.   Transpolis Global works with clients as both a catalyst for action as well as an applied research entity through its formal linkages to key universities.  The name Transpolis encompasses two ideas; ‘Trans’ as in Transdisciplinary to cross and converge traditional disciplines operating in relative isolation, and 'Polis' as in city-state, and the notion of citizenship.

"Frank Lloyd Wright:
Lessons for the 21st Century"





The public is invited to attend the IaaCs Master Class in Advanced Architecture final presention of their ArboReal Home (Treehouse) for Design Studio I on Friday, Nov 2nd , 10am

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Pujades 102 baixos, Poble Nou, 08005 Barcelona
tel. (+34) 93 320 95 20

Metro Bogatell

MAA Students will present work to Faculty:

Areti Markopoulou
Luis Fraguada

Advisor:Gerard Passola

Colin Ripley
Mauro Costa
Nuria Widmann
Eduardo Cabay
Ioanna Spanou
Marta Malé-Alemany
Stephen Foley
Rodrigo Bacena

IaaC lecture Series_13 Nov< Sean Lally

IaaC lecture Series_13 Nov 19:30h

Institut d'Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya
Pujades 102 baixos, Poble Nou, 08005 Barcelona
tel. (+34) 93 320 95 20

Metro Bogatell

Sean Lally


Sean Lally founded the office WEATHERS to embrace the potential overlap between the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture and urban design. Recent projects include proposals for the Academy of Arts in Tallinn Estonia, an extension to the Stockholm City Library and a proposal for the urban redevelopment of Reykjavik Iceland.  Sean’s work has been featured in exhibitions and journals and has lectured at a range of schools including, UPENN, Syracuse, Cornell, OSU, and the Technion. He’s been a visiting instructor at UCLA, and an Assistant Professor at RICE School of Architecture before recently joining UIC’s School of Architecture as an Assistant Professor in 2009.  Sean is most recently a co-editor and contributor to SOFTSPACE, From a Representation of Form to a Simulation of Space, from Routledge 2007 and quest editor and contributor for the AD Journal issue entitled “ENERGIES – New Material Energies” through Wiley Press 2009 .
"The Air on Other Planets"