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IAAC Event's

Open Thesis Fabrication Lecture - Theo Spyropoulos

Open Thesis Fabrication Lecture:

  Theodore Spyropoulos

¨Examining the Proto-Systemic¨

IAAC 17th of November 2010

Time : 19.00hrs


Open Thesis Fabrication Lecture - Kas Oosterhuis

Open Thesis Fabrication Lecture by:

 Kas Oosterhuis

"The Need for a Style of the Nonstandard"

IAAC 12th of November 2010

Time : 19.30hrs

IAAC Research projects at the XI Architectural Biennale of Bolivia

IAAC has been invited to present its research projects at the XI Architectural Biennale of Bolivia in La Paz. This years Biennale had a very significant focus on sustainable architecture and emergent technologies, bringing together experts from Japan, Argentina, England or Spain, in a cycle of conferences that took place at different sites in La Paz, such as the “Colegio de Arquitectos de La Paz” building, or the San Francisco Museum.

IAAC was invited to give the closing lecture of the one week event. Areti Markopoulou and Tomas Diez, gave a conference about IAAC educational programs and research projects. The conference was followed by a long debate together with professionals and students.

Following the events of the biennale, both IAAC staff members were invited by the Ambassador of Spain at La Paz, Mr. Ramon Santos, together with the AECID representatives and the Biennale organizers, shared a conversation about the future challenges of architecture and digital fabrication both in Spain and Latin America.

IAAC - DHUB Lectures November 2010

IAAC invites you to the Dhub Sessions.

 November 2010

Additive Manufacturing in Design
Lecture by: Ward Callens and Janne Kyttanen
Date:Thursday, 4 Nov.
Hour:  19:30 - 21:30h

Open Source Software & Electronics
Lecture by:
Massimo Banzi
Date: Friday, 5 Nov.
Hour: 19:30 - 21h

Online Interactive Design and Customization
Lecture by: Justin Marshall i Hannes Walter
Date: Tuesday, 9 Nov.
Hour: 19:30 - 21:30h

Additive Manufacturing in Architecture
Lecture by: Rupert Soar and Enrico Dini
Date: Tuesday, 16 Nov.
Hour: 19:30 - 21:30h

Open Source Fabbers
Lecture by: Adrian Bowyer
Date: Thursday, 18 Nov.
Hour: 19:30 - 21h

Online Interactive Design and Mass Customization
Lecture by: Frank Steiner
Date: Tuesday, 23 Nov.
Hour: 19:30 - 21h

Additive Manufacturing: New Materials
Lecture by : Mark Ganter and Salvador Borrós
Dte: Thursday, 25  Nov.
Hour: 19:30 -21:30h

Barcelona IAAC Lecture Series : Bjarke Ingels

Barcelona IAAC Lecture Series

Wednesday 3rd November

Bjarke Ingels  : Inclusivism

19.30h -20.45h

20.45h -22.00h
Open Sessions
live music -media

Institut d´Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya
C/Pujades 102, 08005 Barcelona

UIMP Convention 15-19 of November

UIMP Convention 15-19 of November





After a decade of application of European Convention
Landscape (Florence, 2000) it is necessary to take stock of
implementation and, above all, taking as reference pose challenges
future. As is known, the Convention is the first treaty
exclusively devoted to international protection and management
European landscape.

Morer info about the course : acortina@estudidtum.com

IaaC lectures - Vicente Guallart

IAAC is pleased to invite you to  the open Lecture  of Vicente Guallart


21 of October  at 19.00hrs   at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.



We are pleased to invite you to the opening of the Show NAU that inaugurates at 19 of October.

The show opens with educational conferences from: Mediomundo , ONZE04 and BGA.

The exhibition of Contemporary Architecture of Uruguay is about local landscapes and global practices. 

Venue: IaaC, institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia,
           C/ Pujades 102,Poble Nou, 08005 Barcelona , Spain

Master in Advanced Architecture - Inauguration


IAAC is pleased to invite you to the Inauguration of the Master in Advanced Architecture program 2010-11


October 4th, 17.00h


17.00h  Welcoming IAAC Class 2010-11

         70 students

         30 countries

          4 continents



18.00h Presentation by:


Javier Nieto, President IAAC Board


Vicente Guallart, Director IAAC

Willy Muller, Co-Director MAA

Marta Malé-Alemany, Co-Director MAA


Open Thesis Fabrication - Inauguration

IAAC is pleased to invite you to the Inauguration of the Open Thesis Fabrication 2010 on September 13th at 17.00.

17.00-18.00 < Presentation: Vicente Guallard, Marta Male-Alemany, Luis Fraguada , Areti Markopoulou

18.00-19.30 < Lecture: Jose Mariano Lopez-Urdiales
                     "ZERO TO INFINITY"