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Fab-Lab - Intro



BCN FAB LAB is a production, investigation and education centre, that uses digital last generation machines destined to the creation of prototypes and scale models for architecture, construction, industrial design and any activity that needs the connection from a computer to a machine to manipulate materials according to digital instructions.
These technologies also allow to introduce in the material production, parametric design and manufacture of different elements without added cost, hence impelling personal manufacture.

This centre has three main work scopes:

FAB LAB PRO: to serve as a place for prototypes and scale models manufacture for professionals and companies of any field related to design.

FAB LAB MASTERS to serve as a high research and tutoring centre, mainly related to IaaC masters, to professionals of national scale and lines of work proposed by other national or international organizations.

FAB LAB CENTRAL to serve as an educative centre for young people and children, according to the principles of the FAB LAB group of MIT’s For Bits and Atoms centre, therefore participating in the world-wide network of Fab Labs.

Initially, the IaaC counts three machines that are extendable according to its necessities:
- On one hand, a CNC machine that allows to cut foam, wood or materials that can be milled, up to a 3000x1500x200 size, which allows to make complex prototypes and productions of surfaces for interiors and construction.

- a laser cut machine of 2w maximum power, that allows to cut and carve diverse materials up to a of 600x1000 mm size.

- a 3D printer machine, that allows to print three-dimensional objects in colour from a sin

Fab Lab Barcelona machines has one of the most advaced technology in the world.

Digital manufacturing machines:

- Laser Cutting Milticamm 2000

- 3 Axis Milling machine Precix 11100 Series

- Laser Cutting machine Spirit GE 100w

- 3D Printer Zcorp Z510

- Milling machine Modela MDX-20

- Vinyl Cutter Servo GX-24 Camm

- Laser Cutter Epilog Legend XT 36 75w

- 3 Axis Milling Machine Shop Bot

- MakerBot

- Mendel Rep Rap

- Fab @ Home

- Digital Embroidery Janome


Equipment Electronics:

- Welders

- Function Generator

- Oscilloscope

- Source of power