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Q Valldaura

Q Valldaura is a research center for the self-sufficient habitat.
It is located in the Collserola Natural Park , twenty minutes from downtown Barcelona. It is powered by the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia with the support of the “Avanza Plan”, the MIT YC and several organizations and companies.


It is located in a historic farm of 130 ha in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona, ​​a place which in the XII century hosted the first Cister Monastery of Catalonia.

Later, it became a Royal Palace for hunting, being an independent municipality that embraces Mataró and finally it became a farm.


This project promotes a process of nature protection and rehabilitation of the architectural and landscape patrimony.

To develop the conservation estate a special plan to improve the property was presented, including forestry, agriculture, livestock, environment, functions and heritage.


The "Masía Can Valldarura" was built in 1888 with an agricultural structure, a system of irrigation and a forest management, that will be restored.


The project, that will take place in several phases, is developed in three areas: A research center located near the farmhouse, a restaurant and event center located near the Cerdanyola road, where the Can Valldaura Restaurant now stands and a Historical Center that will develop a program of archaeological research.


The Self-Sufficient Habitat Centre establishes the relationship between Man, the Environment and the Planet defined as "self-connected man."

It promotes education and research programs for people of all ages, in a multidisciplinary environment that seeks to become an international benchmark.

Within the Valldaura environment research and actions will be developed regarding: Food, Energy and Things the three basics needs that human requires to be self sufficient.
Actions will also take place related to the recovery of the ancestral knowledge on the management of resources that we have in our environment as well as sharing knowledge globally through information networks.


The inauguration will take place on the 4th of December of 2012, coinciding with the day it was founded in 1150.