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Fab Academy 2011 Project: Data Tree_Sensor Bricks

Fab Academy 2011 Project: Data Tree_Sensor Bricks
Areti Markopoulou

This Fab Academy project was created for implementation at Can Valldaura, the site of the future Green Fab Lab, located in Collserola Park just outside of Barcelona.

The project features artificial fruit that cling to trees containing sensors that monitor moisture, light, and temperature as well as smoke detectors. The fruit sends data wirelessly, via a radio frequency antenna, to a data processing apparatus at the Can Valldaura house. From here the data is uploaded and processed in Pachube which gives a real-time visualization of the environmental conditions around each tree in relation to time and position.

This test data can be found on the Green Fab Lab website.

More information about the entire production process can be found here.

This is open source project. All information from the project (files, materials, programming codes, circuit sensor boards) can be found and downloaded here.

Machines That Make Machines

The MTM project is part of the research developed at the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT and the global network of Fab Labs. The Fab Lab Barcelona is making this year the MTM-SNAP project, preceded by the Mantis 9 milling machine developed las year in the Fab Academy program. This is a road map to the Fab Labs v2.0, a Fab Lab that could reproduce itself, being able of fabricate the machines needed to make another machines, and reducing the costs 5-10 times.

Urban Feeds at Smart Geometry 2011

Urban Feeds is a project developed at Smart Geometry 2011 in Copenhagen.  The project has been developed at the Fab Lab Barcelona, based on the Personal Data Collection, through the use of the ASKits (Ambient Sensing Kit) devices, previously developed by LaN and upgraded for the workshop. Any person, anywhere, could produce its own devices to sense and quantify those variables that are surrounding us, that affect our behavior and the way we inhabit our world. Centralized data sources offers a top to bottom approach to the values of our environment, by developing the ASKits, the aim is to get a closer look into our immediate environment, from Static Kits installed in houses to personal kits embedded into our SmartPhones.

The project has been based on the use of the Arduino platform, and different shields and sensor units for data capturing. At the moment is evolving to the use of FabDuinos, being able to be produced entirely in a Fab Lab.

UF SG2011 Team: Elsa Wifstrand, Federico Giacomarra, Dimitris Papadopoulous, Wo Jae Sung, Bernadette Luger, Scott Leinweber, Olivier Gras, Felipe Pecegueiro, Luis Fraguada, Morten Bulow, Tomas Diez