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IaaC Research - Open Thesis Fabrication 2010: Respira

Open Thesis Fabrication 2010: Respira

Program: Open Thesis Fabrication 2010
Research Candidate: Ilaria La Manna

Project description: Respira, is a two dimensional panel that works like skin protection and responsive facade, that will change its shape according to the outside temperature and help the air ventilation or protection of the building.

Program Advisors: Marta Malé-Alemany, Luis Fraguada
Guest Tutors: Kas Oosterhuis (Oosterhuis_Lénárd, Tu Delft-Director of Hyperbody), Theodore Spyropoulos (Minimaforms, AA Architectural Assosiation), Tomasz Jaskiewicz (Tu Delft_Researcher at Hyperbody)